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By Anna Spiewak

Remember as a child, when you played outside in the summer, your restless eyes would fixate on one amazing creature—the big, bright black and orange butterfly flying about, then suddenly it would sit on a flower. That’s when you’d quickly run after it, attempting to catch it, but you never could. Today, it’s almost impossible to imagine that your children or grandchildren might not get to experience the same in a few years.

Populations of the monarch butterflies have plummeted by approximately 90 percent in the last 20 years and continue to decline. Due to inclement weather in Mexico, the annual population report for Danaus Plexippus shows a 27 percent decrease in 2017 from the previous year’s population.

“That’s a red flag and researchers who study the conservation of monarchs say that it’s going to take all of us pitching in to change this trend,” said Karli Moore, Ag Professional Development Program, BASF, in an interview…

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